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There are nights when ripping shots and downing beers go hand in hand. We don’t remember any of them, but we know they happen. To make those nights a tad easier pick up this Beer Shot Stein (and some Advil). The stainless steel cup has a built in shot glass on the bottom so you can drink your IPA, follow it up with a shot of Jack and then proceed to hover over the toilet. Hey, you’ll have less dishes to wash in the morning.

One side of the stein holds a 16 oz. beer. Turn it over and the other side holds a 3 oz. shot



  • Holds a 16oz beer & 3oz shot
  • Double wall stainless steel
  • Made in China

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Uncle Drew

Pepsi MAX went to a pick-up game in Bloomfield, NJ pretending to shoot a documentary on a basketball player named “Kevin.” When his Uncle Drew came into the game, some magical things happened.


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Ricky Bobby in a V8 Supercar!

How Touring Car racing was never able to catch on here in the US still baffles the mind, as it’s probably the most exciting form of racing in the world. One of the biggest aspects of Touring Car racing is the fact that the cars that are racing on the track are the closest that the anyone can get to own in real life. While rules vary from country to country, most series require that the competitors start with a standard body shell, derived from actual production cars.

As the video shows, even a Four-time NASCAR Champion gives his respects to Touring Car speed and agility.

Morgan Motor Company Car

The legendary Morgan Motor Company remains proudly independent to this day, run by Charles Morgan, grandson of founder Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan (or “HFS”). Based in Worcestershire, the luxury car manufacturer employs less than 200 people and produces less than a thousand pieces a year. This is because every Morgan is painstakingly and lovingly hand-made. Another shocking fact: while the shell of a Morgan is metal, much of the car remains made of wood. Because each one is put together by hand, every Morgan is also uniquely beautiful. The waiting list for one of these can range from a year to two, but one might develop patience for such quality.


Crazy Drummer

The Band from Virginia Rick K. & The Allnighters! This Crazy Drummer is at the wrong gig. His name is Steve Moore.

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He’s a ripoff of the original gangsta drummer::



A real drummer:


BJ Penn weird body tricks

As Joe Rogan never lets us forget during every UFC broadcast that BJ Penn fights in, “BJ PENN CAN PUT HIS LEGS OVER HIS HEAD WITHOUT USING HIS HANDS”.

BJ demonstrates his flexibility and helps us remember what helped him earn his BJJ black belt in just three years.

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How I found this youtube video by watching dub stepping turkeys, I don’t know. But I’m pretty stoked that I did. After listening for a few minutes, I found myself closing my eyes and bobbing my head like those haole people in the audience.

Huun-Huur-Tu at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California November 18, 2008

Check out more of their music here.

Da Prez - Sexy & I Know It

It’s really him too! This cracks me up, but I wonder who the heck has the time to do this kind of stuff?


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President Badass

Another reason why President Obama is the most badass president we’ve ever had!

Dada Life – April 2012 Mix

It’s already April, summer is right around the corner, and with the ‘official start of summer’ usually marked by Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas next month, what’s not better than to begin your debauchery and thoughts of going wild than with Dada Life’s April 2012 mix?! With the release of their monthly mixes, Dada Life has been able to keep the party alive with some of the hottest progressive and electro house tracks released to date.

It’s time to go ape shit bananas!


Dada Life – April 2012 Mix
Download: Right Click > Save As 


Tracklist of Dada Life’s April 2012 Mix

01.) NO_ID & Martin Volt – Zelda (Original Mix)
02.) Nari Milani – Atom
03.) Congorock – Agarta
04.) Alvaro & The Partysquad – Wataah
05.) Deborah Cox – If it Wasnt For Love (Promise Land) (Dada No Vocal Edit)
06.) Laidback Luke & Arno Cost & Norman Doray – Trilogy (Swanky Tunes Remix)
07.) Beltek – Party Voice
08.) Zedd – Shotgun 
09.) Porter Robinson – Language 
10.) NAPT & Peo De Pitte – Gonna Be Mine (Far Too Loud Remix)
11.) Fast Foot – Cows To The Slaughter (Lazy Rich Remix)
12.) Starkillers And Dmitry Ko – Light It Up (Michael Woods Re-edit)
13.) Spencer & Hill feat. Giovanni Tha King – Miami Girlz (LAZRtag Remix)
14.) Madonna – Girl Gone Wild (Dada Life Remix)


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