BJ Penn weird body tricks

As Joe Rogan never lets us forget during every UFC broadcast that BJ Penn fights in, “BJ PENN CAN PUT HIS LEGS OVER HIS HEAD WITHOUT USING HIS HANDS”.

BJ demonstrates his flexibility and helps us remember what helped him earn his BJJ black belt in just three years.

via BJ Penn puts his leg behind his head WITHOUT using hands! – YouTube.


How I found this youtube video by watching dub stepping turkeys, I don’t know. But I’m pretty stoked that I did. After listening for a few minutes, I found myself closing my eyes and bobbing my head like those haole people in the audience.

Huun-Huur-Tu at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California November 18, 2008

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Unbeliveable Kung Fu Battle?

“This is probably the greatest kung fu battle of all time”, is the quote that some people are giving this fight seen. I say, Hah! Your Kung-Fu not so great!

In this clip from the 1986 flick “The Young Taoism Fighter”, one of the fighters (Hero Ko Sheng) demonstrates his “Separate Body Style” to defeat his nemesis. Hero Ko Sheng discovers that the best way to defeat the pee drinking, placenta eating, skeleton hand/sword/whip-wielding villain Tien Wu is to come apart at the seams.

Shiet, my cousins and I came up with this shit in our back yards and all we would hear from our parents was, “Quit that, where do you come up with all this weird stuff. Go play a board game to stimulate your brain instead.” Our glamourous career as a Kung-Fu movie producer quashed.


Tokyo Rising

Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams has always been fascinated with Japanese culture. His frequent involvement with the arts and fashion communities of Tokyo made him a natural choice to lead our exploration. From his two-year collaboration with Tokyo-born artist Takashi Murakami to create the artwork entitled Simple Things that kicked off the official opening of Art Basel Switzerland in 2009 to Nigo of A Bathing Ape fame designing the cover of Pharrell’s solo debut In My Mind, the creative forces of Tokyo have been a constant source of inspiration for Pharrell throughout his many projects. He has been a great supporter of relief efforts for the Japanese citizens affected by the incidents of 3/11. He jumped at the chance to visit the metropolis that has had such an impact upon him as an artist and as an individual.


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Genki Sudo - World Order

Too bizarre to have been made up, but Genki Sudo, a former Junior Olympic & Japan National champion in Wrestling, a K-1 fighter & UFC champion along with the well-attired members of Japan’s World Order come together for their latest music video, featuring yet another demonstration of their perfectly-synchronized dance moves. His first album, which is creating a world of it’s own by fusing together digital techno house music with the original dance of Genki Sudo’s entrance performances during his days as a MMA fighter!



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