MTV Diary of N.E.R.D. Preview

I really can’t wait for the full version.  N.E.R.D. is probably my favorite bands out there, I have listened to each of their albums several hundred times from beginning to end. nuff said, watch and enjoy…

Lego Matrix Trinity Help

Cool Lego video. You gotta watch this, it’s pretty amazing.Read more

Who is JOB?

I love this guys outspoken opinion on competitive surfing. One of the best ever, establishing himself at the top of the surf world, without having to use the competitive arena at all.

Keep your eye on the vid at the 1:51 mark.

Simply Red - Sunrise

What a great video to a great song! Still churning out the hits after all this time, Simply Red counters with a dance mix of the critically acclaimed hit “Sunrise”. A wonderful uplifting track that is growing on everyone with each spin and each listen. I know that this has been out for a while now but there is a way to gauge such a hit.

For me, this song was a bit of a theme for me this past year. Probably a bit too many sunrises.